New to tanning or just need to know how to get the most from our products? Read some of the FAQ’s below and contact us if you need any more information.

Apply a small amount of Signature Skin tanning solution to an inconspicuous area, like behind the ear, or the inner crease of the elbow using a cotton bud.

Allow the product to dry, and wait 24 hours to guarantee that your skin hasn’t shown any signs of sensitivity, such as redness or inflammation.

There’s no reason to think otherwise. DHA has been used in cosmetics for over 30 years and has been declared safe and suitable for use in cosmetics used to colour the skin.

The chemical is a natural sugar that’s also found in Walnuts and rape seed oil plants, often used as a sweetener. It’s not absorbed into the body and isn’t toxic. Having said this, it’s not advisable to use tanning solutions if you are pregnant, just to be on the safe side.

It shouldn’t cause any harm if you breathe in any of the tanning solution mist whilst applying it, and even if it gets into your eyes, it won’t do any damage, although you’re advised to keep them closed anyway.

If you haven’t used tanning solutions before, you should have a patch test before tanning. Some people are allergic to DHA, and so they will have a reaction if they try tanning with any sunless tanning solutions. Although the allergy is rare, it’s definitely worth having the test done before fully applying.

  • Shower and exfoliate your skin well before applying any solution. You won’t be able to shower for around twelve hours after applying if you want the tan to be effective.
  • Shave or wax the day before applying.
  • Don’t wear any perfumes, lotions or deodorants which might stop the tanning solutions working by creating a barrier on your skin.
  • Take of any watches or jewellery.
  • Wear dark underwear when applying, and use loose dark clothes once applied, this will help avoid the tanning solution rubbing off on your clothes.