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Dance Tanning Solution (200ml)

  1. Signature Skin Dance Tan formulated specifically for dancers and performers.

Exfoliating Mitt


Use this exfoliating mitt when washing before applying your tan to get a flawless result every time.

Makeup Remover Pad


Makeup Remover Pad

Quick and easy to use and works with only water.


Clean and wash your makeup remover before use.

Regular Tanning Mousse (200ml)


Our regular tan for the general public that may have seen a performers tan.

Signature Skin Tanning Mist


The mist contains instant bronzers to give you an immediate glow yet will continue to develop for 8 hours, giving you a luxurious deep and natural looking tan.

Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad


Silicone Cleansing Pad with tiny bristles to massage debris out of the pours and larger bumps to exfoliate and soften the skin.

Made from ultra hygienic and flexible silicone, the cleansing pads gently remove all traces of makeup and daily grime on all skin types.

Cruelty free


*Four colours to choose from

Spray Tan Solution (1 Litre)


Signature Skins’ deep, dark tan formulated for performers and competitions.

Tan Remover


Tan remover specifically formulated to remove any excess tan leaving your skin soft, smooth and prepped ready for your next Signature Tan application.

Tanning Mitt


Apply tanning product and blend using the tanning mitt, with a smooth gliding motion to ensure a flawless tan every time.

Tanning Mitt


Apply a small amount of tan onto the white side of the mitt and apply over the skin using a smooth gliding motion.

Use the brown cotton side to gently buff off any excess colour for a streak free finish.

Tanning Roller


The tanning roller is perfect to finish off your Signature Skin tan, easily use for the hard to reach areas with an extended handle to help you get everywhere.

Wash-Off Tanning Solution (200ml)


Perfect for young performers that may have school the next day.

Showing all 14 results